Some Amazing Facts About Drag Racing

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Drag racing is a popular sport all over the world. The concept is drag racing is really simple. A vehicle has to race on a track and has to reach the set destination as fast as possible. Drag racing is mostly carried out by cars or motorcycles.

  • However, specially designed vehicles are also made which lower the traction and are able to move at breakneck speeds. It is a kind of racing where two or more vehicles compete to reach the destination which is set at a straight track which is smooth and levelled. This form if racing are also known as sprints.
  • Drag racing is mostly a contest on who can accelerate faster than the other contenders over half a mile. This sport is however illegal on public streets.

Various Age Groups Claiming To Be Drag Racers

Speed is directly proportional to adrenaline. Hence it charms the young mind as well as the adventurous ones. The professionals do it for the love of the sport and also livelihood. The adolescent minds however do it for the thrill and adventure.

  • Drag racing is quite a show for the spectators as well. It is quite thrilling to watch roaring engines racing each other while their pilots keeping their cool.
  • The name “Drag” is actually slanged for street. Hence drag racing actually means street racing.


Vehicles Tuned Up For Drag Racing

The vehicles for drag racing are made specifically to run on straight roads. They are made to be light so that acceleration is smooth and faster than their heavier counterparts.

  • The body structure is made to be rigid with carbon fibre to ensure safety of the riders. The engines are revved up to be very powerful such that the thrusts are up to max efficiency.
  • The automobiles are mostly equipped with supercharged nitrous oxide. These provide an additional speed boost at that crucial stretch on track.
  • Cars are mostly equipped with turbo charged engines which are designed specifically for racing purpose.

Engines Designed To Meet The Desires Of The Racers

Racing vehicles are quite expensive in comparison to normal cars. That is because of their various modifications made to tune then for racing.

  • A $200000 Dodge can accelerate from 0-100 in 5 seconds. It has a 230 horsepower. Power outputs differ however from various modifications to the engine.
  • Drivers have been known to blow up their engines while racing down a track. That is due to the added stress to the engine to outrun his/her competitor. Engines are limited to a certain torque after which they blow up.

How The Racers Gear Up For The Race

The frontal tires of the car breach the initial light beam.  This is known as the pre-stage beam. This triggers the pre-stage light on the tree meaning that the racer is approximately 7 inches from the starting line. The racer then positions him on to the stage beam sparking off the stage bulb on the tree. This means that the vehicle is ready to race.

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